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Jerry & Judy

For Jerry and Judy Eppy, giving back has always been a priority. The married couple of 56 years have always been philanthropic, and they are making their presence felt locally as

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CURRENT OPENINGS As a United Way of Broward County (UWBC) employee, you will be part of a dynamic team focused on creating lasting change to improve the lives of Broward

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Jonathan and James

Imagine having to repeat first grade while your twin brother goes on to second. That was the uncomfortable reality for Jonathan, whose trouble with reading prevented him from moving forward

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She was involved in a car accident that totaled her car and left her unable to work while she recovered, which led her to not have enough income and become

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Lala lives with her boyfriend Eric at the encampment by the Ft. Lauderdale main library. She is currently studying cosmetology at the Barber Academy.  Unfortunately she does not have the

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Let the Ghoul Times Roll!

OUR UNITED WAY IS THRILLED ABOUT ALL THE TERROR-IFIC ACTIVITIES ACROSS BROWARD COUNTY IN THIS MONTH It’s already mid-October, and you know what that means: Time to start taking a

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